Assassin's Guild Edit

A guild created by Dawen Stallion of House Stallion who does not lead the guild. He trusted a good friend as a second, a Dragonborn named Xarbor. Before he left the world he appointed Watkin Vos of House Vos the leader of the guild. Why he chose Watkin over Xarbor, who knows? This guild's headquarters has been in several different places such as Izoza, Aynor, Tillant, back to Izoza, and Silverhaven. This guild does not make many allies, but rather enemies. They sided with House Remont in secret and no one had known for years until Reece Remont shown his face to Garvie Stallion. They made enemies with House Segar, House Vaux, and many more. Criminals they may be, but they are sneaky and know how to fight. Below is a list of characters who are a part of the guild.

Characters Edit

House Stallion

Dawen Stallion

House Vos

Watkin Vos / Brigritta Vos / Robert Vos / Pearl Vos / Teedo Vos / Gilpin Vos / Claire Vos / Draymon Vos / Eudis Vos / Elsie Vos / Avina Vos / Willmont Vos / Kate Vos / Royland Vos


Xarbor / Yorgrax



House Axelos

Gabriel Axelos / Galien Axelos

House Clairmond

Guinevere Clairmond

House Tiller

Gilbert Tiller

House Keeper

Joppa Keeper / Malie Keeper (House Rulley) / Lillian Keeper (Wiscard) / Samuel Keeper / Saul Keeper

House Wiscard

Oton Wiscard (House Hawkrey) / Jasp Wiscard (House Hawkrey) / Rosa Wiscard (House Saiden) / Nigel Wiscard / Lylie Wiscard / Lidia Wiscard / Lena Wiscard

House Soggs

Raulyn Soggs / Derek Soggs / David Soggs

House Remont

Milo Nova (House Nova) / Ralph Nova / Bethia Nova / Jaynetta Nova / Reece Remont


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