Division Edit

A place in between two red lines called division lines that separate the north and the south on the Mainland. The Division was created by the Great War when King Redford Remont of House Remont and Guinevere Clairmond of House Clairmond fell down at the same time in the north and in the south creating the lines through King Redford's magic. This was after King Redford defeated the Banshee that interrupted the war between Wandermere and Ayrith. Thus more red lines were created not only in the Division, but across the Mainland, Crown Island, and the Draconic Islands. In the Division, a place where no one can see into is a town called Silverhaven. Also, the Hideout in Volume 4 was in the Division, where our heroes hide from the Shadow. Also, in the Division is the Great Willow.


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