House Axelos Edit

A small house that didn't exist, but due to a time lapse it does exist now. House Axelos is known because of their race, a Werewolf. They were granted full control of their morphing by Dawen of House Stallion. Due to the merge with House Faeton, a child of theirs is now able to Portal. However, they still have to be careful at night because the Bloodpack or Vampires won't stop until all Werewolves are dead. Below is a list of characters that are a part of House Axelos. With their recent marriage with House Vaux, perhaps a more magical child will be born.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Gabriel Axelos & Sparkla Faeton (House Faeton)

Gen 10) Jade Axelos & Jasper Vaux (House Vaux)

Gen 11) Jay Axelos

Gen 9) Galien Axelos


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