House Bradov Edit

House Bradov is known for the woman, Vala, who caused an affair between King Redford of House Remont and his wife, Adeline. This is when Hugh of House Woven and Marie of House Steelclad was born and their story began. Below is a list of characters who are a part of House Bradov.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Vala Woven & King Redford Remont (House Remont)

Gen 2) Hugh Woven (House Woven) & Alive Woven (House Lakewood) (House Clairmond)

Gen 3) Gilberton Woven

Gen 2) Marie Steelclad (House Balkins) & Tobyn Steelclad (House Steelclad)

Gen 3) Edmarko Steelclad

Gen 1) Vala Woven & Peton Woven (House Woven)


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