House Hawkrey Edit

House Hawkrey may be extinct after Volume 4, but the bloodline still live through House Wiscard. House Hawkrey was given a prophecy from Dawen of House Stallion about the mark of Hope's Wings and who will be able to control the beast called the Ice Hawk. Below is a list of characters that are a part of House Hawkrey.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Symon Hawkrey

Gen 3) Aldo Hawkrey

Gen 8) Dauid Hawkrey

Gen 9) Garrat (Sanctum Life)

Gen 9) Ellenor Wiscard & Ernis Wiscard (House Wiscard)

Gen 10) Janis Wiscard & Avicia Wiscard (House Sanas)

Gen 11) Jasp Wiscard & Rosa Wiscard (House Saiden)

Gen 12) Nigel Wiscard & Lillian Keeper (House Keeper)

Gen 12) Lylie Wiscard

Gen 12) Lidia Wiscard

Gen 12) Lena Wiscard

Gen 11) Oton Wiscard

Gen 10) Mariland Rulley & Garin Rulley (House Rulley)

Gen 11) Kit Rulley & Elsie Rulley (House Vos)

Gen 12) Edmond Rulley

Gen 12) Evota Ingram & Arthur Ingram (House Ingram)

Gen 11) Malie Keeper & Joppa Keeper (House Keeper)

Gen 12) Lillian Keeper & Nigel Wiscard (House Wiscard)

Gen 13) Levi Wiscard

Gen 12) Samuel Keeper

Gen 12) Saul Keeper


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