House Ingram Edit

House Ingram is known for being granted the powers of the mark of the Sharp Fang which controls the beast called the Dragon. This mark was granted to them after a family member had died by a Dragon. The idea was to protect them from anymore Dragon attacks. Dawen of House Stallion gave House Ingram the mark of the Sharp Fang. House Ingram comes from Varamore of the Draconic Islands. A member of House Ingram, Rayner had to escape Varamore from the law and wraith of Leonel of House Luro. Luckily, Yorgrax of House Oldesh was able to save him. Below is a list of characters that are a part of House Ingram.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Nyssa Ingram

Gen 10) Rayner Ingram & Vitula Ingram (House Vaux)

Gen 11) Thea Skyes & Hewlett Skyes (House Skyes)

Gen 11) Grace Ingram

Gen 11) Jace Ingram

Gen 11) Arthur Ingram & Evota Ingram (House Rulley)

Gen 11) Leo Ingram

Gen 11) Lyia Ingram

Gen 11) Jacob Ingram


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