House Luro Edit

House Luro is known for the devastation they have caused to many town, kingdoms, and empires. Agosti Luro, the Emporer of the Kingdom of Varamore and the rest of the Draconic Islands is a prime example. He loved his son, Leonel so much that not killing led to his own death and the demise of most of the Mainland causing our heroes to go into a Hideout. House Luro is also the prime example as to why the evil was no longer contained under the power of Dawen of House Stallion because of Rogerus the Sneaky took the power from him. Below is a list of characters that are a part of House Luro.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Rogerus Luro

Gen 4) Salazar Luro & Sister of Evnore Stallion (House Stallion)

Gen 8) Agosti Luro & Sela Luro

Gen 9) Leonel Luro & Zaloa Luro (House Elezi)

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