House Rulley Edit

House Rulley is known rulers of Shipton. They make the greatest ships across the Mainland. The Ice Ships are faster, stronger, and more durable than any other ships in the Mainland. House Rulley increase their status when they married in House Wiscard. This created a massive alliance in the north and also isolated the Mainland market in both weapons and ships. Below is a list of characters who are a part of House Rulley.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Garin Rulley & Mariland Rulley (House Wiscard)

Gen 2) Kit Rulley & Elsie Rulley (House Vos)

Gen 3) Edmond Rulley

Gen 3) Evota Ingram & Arthur Ingram (House Ingram)

Gen 2) Malie Keeper & Joppa Keeper (House Keeper)

Gen 3) Liilian Keeper & Nigel Wiscard (House Wiscard)

Gen 4) Levi Wiscard

Gen 3) Samuel Keeper

Gen 3) Saul Keeper


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