House Segar Edit

House Segar ruled over the Kingdom of Ayrith. After a family dispute that killed the King, Dobbin Segar was left in charge at a young age. His mother, Orella Segar was wanting her daughter, Essylt to be in charge. She was going to make this happened by having her daughter marry Reece of House Remont. This would then cause Dobbin to bend a knee to the Empire of the Mainland under King Reece and Queen Essylt. Orella Segar would even kill her son if she had to so that this could be seen through. However, Dobbin caught on and had both his mother and sister killed in front of Reece. Then he hired the Assassin's Guild to kill Reece Remont. Then he began his tyrant reign by destroying Towns across the Mainland. Below is a list of characters who are a part of House Segar.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Orella Segar

Gen 2) Dobbin Segar & Tilly Vaux (House Vaux)

Gen 2) Essylt Segar


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