House Silverwood Edit

An Elf house in Nythalos when it had existed. The Shadow controlled by the Evil One had taken over the Breezy Tree mark. Deliah Silverwood was compromised and killed the leader of Nythalos, Vulas Goldenlilly of House Goldenlilly. Deliah being controlled by Leonel Luro of House Luro was sent to Wandermere where she fell in love with a man named Tomas Stallion of House Stallion. She married him and bore a child for him. During her childbirth, she fought very hard against Leonel and was killed after the child was born. Thus Garvie Stallion the Half-Elf was born, our Hero with a bow. Below is a list of characters from House Silverwood.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Jolamin Silverwood & Xilliana Silverwood

Gen 3) Deliah Stallion & Tomas Stallion (House Stallion) (House Woven)

Gen 4) Garvie Stallion & Emy Remont (House Tiller)

Gen 5) Abner Stallion & Sarra Stallion

Gen 6) Poppy Stallion

Gen 5) Reddard Stallion


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