House Steelclad Edit

This house is based out of Silverhaven by the harbor that leads to the sea. Most of the Steelclads come from a line of pirates and sea captains. They are known for their bravery at sea. Steelclads are also infamous for keeping the serpent line adaptable through a process by a Dragonborn friend, Yorgrax, who adapts their marks with his Sacred Anvil mark. The Steelclads currently hold three marks. The Red Wave which controls the Red Serpent, the Tidal Wave which controls the basic Serpent, and they Yellow Wave which controls the Yellow Serpent. When intertwining with House Tiller they were able to gain the Shialogos, but House Vaux took over once a marriage was settled. Below is a list of characters that are a part of House Steelclad.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Taverat Steelclad

Gen 7) Unknown Steelclad & Unknown Tiller (House Tiller)

Gen 8) Jabin Steelclad

Gen 9) Koalas Steelclad & Vanora Steelclad

Gen 10) Tobyn Steelclad & Marie Steelclad (House Remont) (House Balkins) (House Bradov)

Gen 11) Edmarko Steelclad

Gen 10) Bella Steelclad

Gen 10) Geoffroy Steelclad

Gen 9) Walton Steelclad

Gen 10) Tilly Vaux (House Gunther) & Silban Vaux (House Vaux)

Gen 11) Talia Vaux

Gen 11) Jasper Vaux & Jade Axelos (House Axelos)

Gen 12) Jay Axelos

Gen 10) Tilly Vaux & Dobbin Segar (House Segar)


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