House Tiller Edit

A family born and raised in Ayrith or so it seemed until a major time lapse in Volume 7. We find out they are the reason for true love and bare the mark of the Freezing Diamond which controls the beast called the Shialogos. Also, members of the Assassin's Guild. Below will be a list of characters who belong to House Tiller.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Randulf Tiller

Gen 9) Gladon Tiller & Natavia Tiller

Gen 10) Gilbert Tiller

Gen 10) Emy Stallion & Garvie Stallion (House Stallion) (House Silverwood)

Gen 11) Abner Stallion & Sarra Stallion

Gen 12) Poppy Stallion

Gen 11) Reddard Stallion

Gen 10) Emy Stallion & Reece Remont (House Remont)

Gen 11) Rayston Remont

Gen 11) Elana Remont

Gen 11) Bragdon Remont

Gen 2) Andreu Tiller

Gen 7) Unknown Tiller & Unknown Steelclad (House Steelclad)

Gen 8) Jabin Steelclad

Gen 9) Koalas Steelclad

Gen 10) Tobyn Steelclad & Marie Steelclad (House Remont) (House Balkins) (House Bradov)

Gen 11) Edmarko Steelclad

Gen 10) Bella Steelclad

Gen 10) Geoffroy Steelclad

Gen 9) Walton Steelclad

Gen 10) Tilly Vaux (House Gunther) & Silban Vaux (House Vaux)

Gen 11) Talia Vaux

Gen 11) Jasper Vaux & Jade Axelos (House Axelos)

Gen 12) Jay Axelos

Gen 10) Tilly Vaux & Dobbin Segar (House Segar)


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