House Wiscard Edit

A House in the north in a town called Frostford where they make the best swords in the Mainland. These swords are called Ice Swords. Why is that you ask? Well because they are made of Ice. They are also the strongest and most durable swords in the Mainland, hence why they are the best. They expanded their territory by having a marriage with House Rulley to increase their bannerman. Their new bannerman would be Shipton, the town that makes the best Ice Ships in the Mainland. House Wiscard is also known for having control of the Ice Hawk with the Hope's Wings mark because of the merge with House Hawkrey. With the marriage between House Keeper and House Ingram they may be gaining the powers of two more marks, the Aero Center which controls the Thunderbird and the Sharp Fang which controls the Dragon. Below is a list of characters of House Wiscard.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Ernis Wiscard & Ellenor Wiscard (House Hawkrey)

Gen 2) Janis Wiscard & Avicia Wiscard (House Sanas)

Gen 3) Jasp Wiscard & Rosa Wiscard (House Saiden)

Gen 4) Nigel Wiscard & Lillian Keeper (House Keeper)

Gen 5) Levi Wiscard

Gen 4) Lylie Wiscard

Gen 4) Lidia Wiscard

Gen 4) Lena Wiscard

Gen 3) Oton Wiscard

Gen 2) Mariland Rulley & Garin Rulley (House Rulley)

Gen 3) Kit Rulley & Elsie Rulley (House Vos)

Gen 4) Edmond Rulley

Gen 4) Evota Ingram & Arthur Ingram (House Ingram)

Gen 3) Malie Keeper & Joppa Keeper (House Keeper)

Gen 4) Lillian Keeper & Nigel Wiscard

Gen 5) Levi Wiscard

Gen 4) Samuel Keeper

Gen 4) Saul Keeper

Gen 2) Dauid Wiscard


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