House Woven Edit

This house filled with the best tailors known in Wandermere gradually becomes a great house when Clarita Woven (Stallion) marries Douglass Stallion as well as Peton Woven marries Vala Bradov (Woven), a mistress of King Redford Remont of House Remont. Because of this connection, this led to our Hero, Hugh Woven to become the barer of the mark of the Royal Spiral and be able to control the beast known as the Griffin. Below is a list of characters who are a part of House Woven.

Characters Edit

Gen 1) Arthurus Woven & Lucia Woven

Gen 2) Peton Woven & Vala Woven (House Bradov)

Gen 2) Vala Woven & Redford Remont (House Remont)

Gen 3) Hugh Woven (adopted by Peton) & Alice Woven (House Lakewood) (House Clairmond)

Gen 4) Gilberton Woven

Gen 3) Marie Steelclad (House Balkins) & Tobyn Steelclad (House Steelclad)

Gen 4) Edmarko Steelclad

Gen 1) Clarita Stallion (Arthurus's sister) & Douglass Stallion (House Stallion)

Gen 2) Tomas Stallion & Deliah Silverwood (House Silverwood)

Gen 3) Garvie Stallion & Emy Remont (House Tiller)

Gen 4) Abner Stallion & Sarra Stallion

Gen 5) Poppy Stallion

Gen 4) Reddard Stallion


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