Orc Edit

An Orc is a humanoid race that is very tall, very strong, and sometimes very fast. Both their men and women are like this. In order to be a true Orc, you must want the desire to destroy anything and everything that is not yours or like you. If it isn't Orc made, destroy it; if it isn't an Orc, kill it. There once was an elite Orc army in the Most North led by King Brugo of House Vak. This Orc army destroyed many Dwarf towns and was making their way to Onul Limul. They were especially mad already at King Thuldor of House Onyxfury, ruler of Onul Limul because he was kidnapping many Orcs and turning them into test subjects to fight against them. They had fought many battles against King Thuldor, but never won. However, they gave Onul Limul several casualties. Then one day in a great battle against King Thuldor they won, but Onul Limul had an Orc that was fighting for the Dwarf side and wasn't turning on them. If it wasn't for the kindness of Murag an Orc and friend of King Brugo, both the Dwarf, Benadin of House Cowardan and the Orc, Shum of House 3-7-1, would be dead. Later on, they venture to face some Giants, they met a Centaur, Eakolas of House Trudarus, who was a coward and whom they eventually killed, but in time they lost King Brugo, who was replaced by Murag of House Kolo. A few years later after making it to the Mainland and settling in and agreeing to an alliance with the Kingdom of Tillant under the rule of Queen Tilly and King Silban of House Vaux, they find themselves at war again due to their nature Orc instincts.


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