Sanctum Life Edit

Sanctum Life is the faith cult in the Mainland. Though we don't know much about them, other than they tend to stick with extreme morals unless provoked by a ruling house. To be a member of this cult you must give up your last name. An example of a member of the Sanctum Life would be Garrat, originally of House Hawkrey. He gave up his last name and he was deemed leader of the faith in Ayrith, but King Dobbin of House Segar terrified him. King Dobbin made him things he should not do. In fact, the faith believes that he should have killed King Dobbin. However, in the end, he did the morally right thing, but then the Evil One came around the corner. Perhaps this what Garrat deserved after the evil acts he committed under King Dobbin's name. Another example member would be Bartholomew, originally from House Egger. He was deemed leader of the faith in Wandermere, but when Hobbis of House Sartial came into rule he did what was morally right in the eyes of the Sanctum Life god and that got him executed.


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