Volume 1 Edit

Volume 1 starts by taking a tribute to a king in the town of Wandermere. You begin to feel apart of the town as you are introduced to several characters. Then things begin to go horribly wrong. After a devasting event, you are jumped over to another town where a mystery begins. You later introduced to characters in Ayrith and Aynor. Throughout the rest of this volume, you will encounter deepen feelings for characters and begin connecting with them as you follow them through their journey.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1 - A Day In The Dark Realms Edit

Chapter 2 - The Story of a Farmer Edit

Chapter 3 - No Lights Shining Edit

Chapter 4 - Is There Hope Edit

Chapter 5 - Journey Awaits Edit

Chapter 6 - Silence is Key Edit

Chapter 7 - Hidden is Better Edit

Chapter 8 - K.I.S.S. Edit

Chapter 9 - The Guild Behind the Walls Edit

Chapter 10 - Mockery Bites Back Edit


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