Wandermere Edit

A Kingdom on the border of the south side of the Mainland that cannot seem to keep it's crap together. Rule by many people, mainly under control by House Remont. However, in some cases control by someone else. Rather that be a man who can fool the Kingdom, Hobbis of House Sartial, or a greater evil, Leonel of House Luro, or perhaps a Dragonborn world conqueror, Dolasor of House Gulxec. Wandermere has been in many wars, countless amongst the ages, mainly against the Kingdom in the north called Ayrith. Although Ayrith may have more bannerman, Wandermere is larger in city size and has a multitude of men to dispose of in war. The Great War was fought in the center of the Mainland where a Banshee was encountered. King Redford of House Remont was able to kill the beast, but something tragic happened that created the Division. The Division was in the center of the Mainland that was separated by two red lines, called the division lines, and no one dared to cross them. Even through many rulers and many battles, Wandermere is able to make their first alliance with another Kingdom known as Tillant under the rule of Dolasor of House Gulxec.


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